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Michigan’s Premier Guys-Only RV Park and Campground


Camp Boomerang RV Park & Campground

Some Simple Rules to Camp By:

Camp Boomerang RV Park & Campground is happy to have you here as a guest. We encourage you to participate in our activities and events. The guest renting the rv/tent site is responsible to ensure that members of their party check in with park staff, and registers their vehicle.


Below are some simple rules and guidelines to ensure your stay here at our park is a pleasant one; they are also provided in writing to every guest who enters the park. Our rules have been designed with your comfort and safety in mind, as well as the comfort and safety of other guests, and the property of all those within the park.


Guest(s) agree to read these rules and comply with all Camp Boomerang RV Park & Campground rules and regulations. These rules and regulations may be edited or amended throughout the season and can found here on our website on this Park Rules page. Guests are responsible to adhere to all rules, both posted on our website and in the printed rules document handed out at registration.

For the duration of this page, “Camp Boomerang RV Park & Campground” will be referred to simply as “Boomerang”.


Boomerang is an adult, all-male, private membership, clothing-optional park for men 21 and older.


Check-in time is 1:00pm, Check-out time is noon. Inquire at the office for early check-ins. No check-ins after dark or 8pm, whichever comes first.


After passing through the automated entrance/exit gate, please wait for it to close completely behind you. This prevents access to the park by unauthorized persons and is a safety/security/privacy measure for everyone in the park.


A. NO LIFEGUARD ON DUTY! Enjoy the pool facilities at your own risk.
B. No glass whatsoever inside the pool area.
C. No smoking or vaping inside the pool area.
D. All drinks must be in a CLOSED LID container.
E. Pool area closes at midnight, thank you for your cooperation.
F. For your safety, and for the safety of those around you, please obey all of the rules posted at the pool area.


A. Street-side garbage pick up is available Monday through Saturday between 10-11am & 7-8pm, and Sundays from 11am to 7pm. Do not place garbage at street outside of those parameters.
B. All garbage must be securely contained and placed at the end of your drive near the road during pickup times only.
C. Disposing of garbage is limited to regular household items such as household waste, small bags of garbage, etc.


Out of respect to your fellow guests, quiet hours for the general population of the park are from midnight to 8am.


Boomerang is a very pet friendly park, and we encourage you to bring yours, but you must take responsibility for them. Please observe the following rules/guidelines regarding your pets here at Boomerang:

A. Pets must be confined, leashed, or otherwise under the physical control of a person at all times.
B. Based on personal experience of management, Pit Bull dogs are not allowed on park property.
C. Pets are not allowed in common areas such as pool area, bathrooms or food related events.
D. Stepping in pet waste is frustrating; please properly clean up after your pets.
E. In the effort to maintain a harmonious living atmosphere, if any pet receives frequent complaints or causes any unreasonable disturbance or harm (barking, growling, biting, property damage, aggressive nature, etc.) the guest’s permission to keep the pet in the park may be revoked.


Boomerang has a no-public-sex policy. If we can see it, it’s public. We strive to make Boomerang a safe and fun environment for all guests. Please be mindful that everyone differs on what is fun for them, so don’t presume they would like what you may happen to like. Respect your fellow guests.


Boomerang is a clothing-optional park. Please wear clothing where necessary; namely, in front office area, eating areas, front entrance area, etc. Common sense prevails! If you are going near the road or the perimeter of our property, at a minimum, please wear shorts.


The shower house is a shared/common use facility, designed and constructed with your comfort in mind.  
A. It is our goal to have the best kept bathrooms in the business.  Please be mindful and pick up after yourself to help us keep it clean.
B. If there is a cosmetic, cleanliness, or mechanical issue with the shower/restroom facilities, please make us aware.
C. CAUTION, beware of wet floors in and around this facility!  Shower shoes are recommended in shower house.
D. Sex, in any form, is STRICTLY PROHIBITED in the shower house facilities.  
E. Be conscious of others…..even if there wasn’t anyone waiting in line behind you for a shower, consider that others might now be waiting.
F. Make sure the water is completely turned off when finished.
G. Absolutely no cleaning of dishes in shower house facility.
H. Body painting and/or hair dyeing is not allowed in the shower house facility
I. Lockers are for day-use only, no overnight use


Guests should use caution when exploring the park, especially at night. It is recommended to have and use a flashlight at night. Avoid walking close to the pond, as water levels vary, and stay away from unfamiliar areas at night.


A. Keep your site tidy and clean. A cleaning fee may be applied to your account if you leave your site dirty.
B. Please remove all garbage from your campsite upon leaving (i.e. trash in fire ring).
C. Clothes lines are prohibited.
D. No trailers, car dollies, or watercraft shall be stored on site.
E. No political flags or signs of any kind.
F. No jacuzzis or portable pools allowed.
G. Ground stakes of any kind are not allowed without management approval.
H. The use of air conditioners is not allowed in tent sites.


Portable gazebos, sunscreens, screen rooms, or any other similar structure are not allowed on RV sites without prior management approval. Patio mats are not allowed on the grass.


Please respect the property of your fellow guests by refraining from walking through their sites.


A. Campfires are to be in park supplied rings/pits only. No ground fires.
B. Do not move fire rings without management permission.
C. Do not leave campfires unattended.
D. Make sure your campfire is completely extinguished when finished.
E. Do not place any garbage in your fire pit.


Do not drive or park on the grass; stay only on the roads and driveways. This goes for golf carts as well. You will be responsible for repair costs from damage caused by parking or driving on the grass.


For the safety of our guest and pets, please observe the 5 1/2 MPH speed limit within the park. This includes Golf Carts


When YOU look good, BOOMERANG looks good! Therefore, washing of rv’s and golf carts is permitted, but water conservation must be considered. During busy weekends you may be asked to refrain from vehicle washing, due to water conservation.


There is no ‘age limitation’ on your rv, provided it is clean, well maintained and shows “full pride of ownership”. That being said, Boomerang management does reserve the right to deny any RV which does not meet these conditions.


A. Guests must provide proof of insurance for their golf carts. This will remain on file in the office.
B. A registration decal will be provided to you by management and must be attached to your golf cart. Decals will be issued after proof of insurance is submitted. There is a $15.00 charge for the initial decal and $2.00 for each renewal decal. All carts operated within the park must display this registration decal.
C. Golf Carts will be operated in a safe and orderly manner so as not to cause complaints.
D. Golf carts will contain no more persons(s) than intended for that specific cart.
E. Golf carts will be operated at a maximum speed of 5 1/2 mph on Boomerang property, and driven on roads (not grass) only. When not in use they will be parked in designated areas only.
F. No other vehicles, such as ATV’s, 3-wheelers, dune buggies, etc., are permitted.
G. Golf cart owners assume responsibility for any and all person(s) who drive their golf carts on Boomerang property. Owners will be held responsible for the above guidelines, regardless of who is driving their cart.
H. No gas powered golf carts. Electric powered golf carts only.
I. Charging. See #22 below in this rules section.


Each site is allowed one RV, one passenger vehicle, and one golf cart. Extra vehicles shall be parked in the parking area.


The charging of electric vehicles (golf carts included) is allowed ONLY with permission of park management. A connection/charging fee will apply. Said charging of EVs shall take place ONLY AT NIGHT TIME, or other “off peak” times, and only from your site’s electric pedestal.


Please be respectful when taking pictures. Ask if people mind having their picture taken. Use common sense and good taste when posting on social media sites.


The use of (flying) drones on park property is strictly prohibited without prior approval from management


No glass is permitted at the pool, inside bathrooms, entertainment area, or any other common areas


Smoking and Vaping is prohibited in all buildings and inside the pool area. Please dispose of cigarette butts properly and safely.


Boomerang is a BYOB rv park and campground. Consumption of alcohol past the point of physical or mental impairment is not permitted in public park/campground areas. Please be courteous to other guests. You are not permitted to enter or leave the park if you are under the influence of alcohol.


Boomerang will not tolerate the use or sale of illegal drugs on the property. The use or sale of illegal drug activity will be reported to state police.


Fireworks are NOT permitted at Boomerang in any circumstance. The use of firearms is NOT permitted on park property. Illegal or unregistered firearms are not permitted on park property.


Acts of violence towards any person(s) within the park will not be tolerated. Management reserves the right to temporarily or permanently ban individuals from the park/campground who partake in any act of violence.


Any discounted RV stays lasting 30 days or longer requires the guest to pay for their own electric use for the duration of their stay.


We do our best to clean up fallen tree limbs and such. We are not responsible for damage caused by falling limbs, trees, etc, or severe weather conditions and acts of Mother Nature.


We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone at any time. We reserve the right to make exceptions to the rules. We reserve the right to change the rules at any time without notice. Guests are responsible to adhere to all rules, both in printed documents and these posted on our website


Guests will be held liable for any damage caused by them to any park property. Guests will be held liable for any damage caused by their navigating into or out of a site.


Guests accept camping privileges with the understanding that he/they hereby release Camp Boomerang RV Park & Campground, its owners, employees, and agents of all liability for loss or damage to property and injury to his/their persons arising out of his/their use of its camping facilities, and agrees to indemnify Camp Boomerang RV Park & Campground, its owners, employees, and agents against claims resulting from loss or damage to property and injury to the person of any family member or guest of the camper(s) arising out of the use of these camping facilities. By making a reservation at Camp Boomerang RV Park & Campground, you give permission for park management to use photos/videos of your rv/vehicle in our promotional and marketing materials.

In Conclusion

Any guest in violation of the rules and terms of this agreement is subject to immediate removal from the park, with no refunds, and agrees to immediately remove all personal property from the park. Any property left behind becomes the property of Camp Boomerang RV Park & Campground, to dispose of as management deems necessary.