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Michigan’s Premier Guys-Only RV Park and Campground


Camp Boomerang RV Park & Campground

Some Simple Rules to Camp By:

These are the same printed rules provided to every guest that enters the park. Our rules are not intended to negatively impact your enjoyment within the park; rather, they have been designed with your comfort and safety in mind, as well as the comfort and safety of other campers, guests, and the property of all those within the campground.

Campers(s) agree to read these rules and comply with all Camp Boomerang RV Park & Campground rules and regulations. Further rules may be added throughout the season and will be found on this website and also added to the printed handouts.

Campers are responsible to adhere to all rules.

1. Age Requirements.

Camp Boomerang RV Park & Campground is a guys only, 21 and over park.

2. Speed Limits.

The speed limit for cars and golf carts is 5 1/2 mph. We know it’s slow, but this is an RV park, not a race track!

3. Exploring the Park.

Campers should use caution when exploring the park, especially at night. It is always recommended to have and use a flashlight at night. Avoid walking close to the pond in the tent area and the ponds in back woods, as water levels vary.  Stay away from unfamiliar areas at night.

4. Driving on the Roads.

DO NOT DRIVE OR PARK ON THE GRASS; stay only on the roads. This goes for golf carts as well. Tent campers and Day Pass visitors should park in the designated areas near the front office and/or designated areas around the pool and dogpark areas.

5. Illegal Drugs

Camp Boomerang RV Park & Campground will not tolerate the use or sale of illegal drugs on the property. The use or sale of illegal drug activity will be reported to state police.

6. Violence.

Acts of violence towards any person(s) within the campground will not be tolerated.  Management reserves the right to temporarily or permanently ban individuals from the park/campground who partake in any act of violence.

7. Alcohol & Canabis.

Camp Boomerang RV Park & Campground is a BYOB/BYOC rv park and campground. Consumption of alcohol or canabis past the point of physical or mental impairment is not permitted in public park/campground areas. Please be courteous to the other campers.


Camp Boomerang RV Park & Campground is a clothing-optional Park. Please wear clothing where necessary, namely: in front office area, eating areas, front entrance gate, etc.
Common sense prevails! Some weekends may be designated “clothing required,” and you will be provided with advanced notice should that be the case.

9. Public Conduct.

Camp Boomerang RV Park & Campground has a no-public-sex policy. No, we don’t mean no kissing or groping in the pool, that happens. And no we’re not talking about in your RVs & Tents, or in the trails and backwoods, we understand all that. HOWEVER, if we can see sex acts from the paved or gravel roads or in the pool, then that’s public.  We strive to make Camp Boomerang RV Park & Campground a safe and fun environment for all guests. Please be mindful that everyone differs on what is fun for them, so don’t presume they would like what you like. Respect your fellow guests. Take it/them back to a campsite or to the woods

10. Campsite Care.

Please remove all garbage from your campsite upon leaving. Do not place any garbage in your fire pit. Daily pickup is provided free of charge in camp each morning for bagged trash placed on the edge of the gravel & paved roads of the camp.

11. Music & Noise.

Please obey the posted rules and regulations for your safety and for those around you.

12. Pool Area.

Please obey the posted rules and regulations for your safety and for those around you. BTW, the only fluid that should be in the pool and hottub is water; no beverages spilled, no poppers, no peeing, no orgasms.  There are filters, but PLEASE, Matt has to clean the pool and the filters every morning.

13. Glass.

No glass is permitted on the pool concrete or in the pool, inside bathrooms, entertainment area, and most other common areas.  Lids with straws or sippy tops on your open drinks IS OK, canned beers OK, ….but….No bottled beer, no bottles of wine or champagne, no glass cocktails or martinis or tumblers, no bottles of poppers,  no jars of salsa for your chips, NO GLASS PLEASE.  Even if it breaks on the pool concrete deck next to a chair or table, the state law requires us to drain the entire pool to search for glass shards.  NO GLASS PLEASE!!!

14. Photography.

Please be respectful when taking pictures. Ask if people mind having their picture taken. Use common sense and good taste when posting on social media sites. Please ask management for permission when tagging the campground on Social Media , and please ask management if you’d like to submit your photos for future use on our website.

15. Washing Cars, Trucks, RVs, Campers, Golf Carts

The washing of cars and trucks is not permitted on campground property, there are 3 excellent self clean and drive thru car washes in Ionia. Washing of trailers/rv’s and golf carts IS permitted, but water conservation must be considered. Please do not use an “open hose” for long periods of time when washing trailer/RV’s or golf carts. During busy weekends you may be asked to refrain from washing a vehicle due to water conservation.

16. Pets (number of pets).

Only 2 dogs or 2 cats are permitted per campsite. Park management must approve pets of any other type. If pets are pregnant and might have a litter at camp, please let management know in advance as a courtesy (plus momma might have lots of doting guncles!)

17. Pets (guidelines)

* Pets must be confined, leashed, or otherwise under the physical control of a person at all times.
* Leashes should not exceed six feet (6ft) in length. Pets that are tethered at a campsite cannot be left unattended for more than 30 minutes without being checked by their owner.
*Pets must be well-behaved at all times.
* Stepping in pet waste is frustrating – please scoop up your dog’s poop and place it in waste containers.
* No pets are permitted in common areas such as pool area, bonfires, bathrooms, or food-related events.
* Any pet that is noisy, dangerous, intimidating, or destructive will not be allowed to remain in the park or return.
* No Pit Bull dogs. Due to their inherently dangerous temperaments, pit bull dogs are not allowed on Camp Boomerang RV Park & Campground property.

18. Pets (health).

The majority of pet owners are well aware of common-sense guidelines regarding their pet’s health and safety, such as not leaving your pet in a warm car or RV, ensuring he/she has ample water available, and keeping them on leash to protect their safety. Management will address any concerns in this area.

19. Pet Abuse.

The Camp Boomerang RV Park & Campground owners have a zero tolerance policy when it comes to animal abuse. Aggressive or abusive actions towards your pet or other guest’s pets will not be tolerated under any circumstances.

20. Fireworks & Firearms.

Fireworks are NOT permitted at Camp Boomerang RV Park & Campground under any circumstance – not even on holidays.  Also the use (firing) of firearms is NOT permitted on campground property. Bringing in or storing Illegal or unregistered firearms is also not permitted on campground property.

21. Check-in/Check-out

Check-in time is 12:00 pm noon, Check-out time is 11 am. No check-ins after sunset or after 8pm, whichever comes first.  

22. Monthly stays

Any RV stays lasting 30 days or longer will require the guest to pay for their own electric use for the duration of their stay based on the electric meter readings at their campsite.

23. Drones.

The use of (flying) drones on campground property is strictly prohibited without prior approval from management.

In Conclusion

Any tenant, seasonal or visiting camper, or guest who is in violation of these rules and the terms of this agreement is subject to removal from Camp Boomerang RV Park & Campground immediately and also agrees to remove all personal property from the campsite and campground within 10 days of notice of removal/termination. Any property left after the 10 day notice period becomes the property of Camp Boomerang RV Park & Campground to dispose of as management deems necessary.